We'll pay you in potential dollars!

April 18, 2017

Your technical skills and work experience may align to what we are in search of.

If only there were some way to confirm that online…

While you may be happy at $EMPLOYER, I would like to take a minute of your time to tell you about our new startup in Menlo Park called e-boz. e-boz is building a global trade platform with the potential to create an entirely new ecosystem for small and medium businesses worldwide.

My body has the potential to be converted into 4.8987976e+12 megajoules of energy

Since our team is less than 10 people, you could be building and influencing the overall architecture from the ground up within this company!

I very well could! I could not! I could eat a doughnut tomorrow! The possibilities are endless!

We are proud of our modern technology environment, using current frameworks like MEAN stack for our Frontend and APIs (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.JS), Python + Flask for our backend services, and deploy to AWS using Ansible.

Ah, the ever-fluid BuzzStack.

We put a lot of emphasis on agile development workflow and leverage all-cloud solutions to make our team as efficient as possible; our code is managed via GitHub, project tracking is done with JIRA Agile, and we use CircleCI for our Continuous Integration cycle.

I’m not sure why I’d need to know that you use CircleCI. Good for you!

The founders are Bill Kerman and Peter Gibbons, who have already built five start-ups with successful exits.

If they’re founding a sixth company, after five exits, I don’t think you can keep calling them “successful”

Since the company is still in stealth mode, it’s hard to find info about it right now.

There’s another neat startup called “Google” that helped me out there.

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