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April 24, 2017

RE: Quick Question - JS Development

StackOverflow’s probably what you’re looking for

I came across your profile and noticed you have an impressive background! I would love to connect, as you might be able to help me with a search I’m conducting for one of my clients in Phoenix - a multi-billion dollar global organization!

You’re searching for one of your clients? Don’t you already have their email?

We’re looking for a FULL-TIME passionate master of web-based technologies,

Boiled down: “We’re hiring”

specifically JavaScript (browser-based and Node.js), HTML, CSS, and HTTP with a keen understanding of scale-out technologies.

I can move the slider on Heroku. That count for “scale-out tech”?

This person will be responsible for building web products at scale, leveraging the latest horizontal scaling solutions such as NoSQL and Node.js.

My favorite horizontal scaling solution is an all-you-can-eat buffet.

As a full-stack web developer, duties will include substantial client-side development.

By definition, yes. Will I also be writing code and fixing bugs?

A passion for and understanding cutting-edge Web Technologies

You accidentally an “of”.

5+ years professional development experience

“Experience in old things unrelated to position required”

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