Recruiter pyramid scheme

April 30, 2017

SUBJECT: Do you have any recommendation

Try the veal! (and question marks, they’re really neat)

I need to ask for your help today. I reviewed your acumen and I’d really like to chat with you if you have a second. Network for a bit if you will. You seem like your network of associates would know someone for this opportunity.

I haven’t seen such hemming and hawing since I visited that garment factory run by donkeys.

I am looking for a solid JavaScript Developer to join a top notch company who has a very strong presence nationwide with a massive growth initiative. Company is located in Mill Valley with a few offices around the country and they are looking for someone in the Mill Valley/San Francisco area.

I’m looking for a recruiter who’s willing to put some effort into things.

<Google URL shortener leading to a 404 job page>

I can’t think of a lazier way to do that.

Let me know if you have a second to chat about the role and direct me to someone you know who might be a good fit for the role.

There’s a job for that - I think they’re called “recruiters”

Looking forward to chatting with you.

Would I need to move your mouth for you, or can you handle that?

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