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April 29, 2017

Silicon Valley Interview Request: Direct Hire - Sr. Javascript Software Engineer for Big Data Client porting their architecture to a SaaS Model

“Bill, I’ve had a brilliant idea” “What’s that, Bob?” “Why don’t we stuff as many technical words into our subject lines as possible? They’ll be bound to read it” “Brilliant! Have a promotion”

I have a very urgent need that I believe you are a great fit after reviewing your profile.

…You need to believe I’m a great fit? Wishful thinking will only get you so far.

I have a unique client in Silicon Valley that is the leader in their market niche,

(not unique)

is porting their architecture from a static model delivery to a SaaS model

(totally normal)

and delivers a product that is a critical factor that affect the capital markets across the globe.

(dozens, if not hundreds of companies do this)

This client performs catastrophe modeling to price risk for 60% of the global insurance/re-insurance market.

So you’re actuaries. Exciting!

We need a Sr. JavaScript engineer with strong commercial development experience

☑ Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. of commercial development experience 10 to 15 times per day/shift.

either knockout JS, Angular JS, backbone JS, bootstrapper JS and SASS and/or LESS.

“bootstraper JS”. Solid market knowledge there. (Also, why is Angular the only one worthy of proper noun status?)

Please let me know when I can contact you.

About ten seconds after you realize you made it to InMail Fail.

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