I'm being recruited by a Markov Chain

April 2, 2017

My research put your background on my radar and it motivated to contact you, can I ask you to clear your thoughts for a moment?

I work for a unique firm that’s hired by some of the strongest VC’s, and private investors, that have launched some of the most successful startups in the bay to protect them from mediocre talent entering their startups. We build out their engineering teams. These startups we staff share a few common denominators, one they are run by management that refuses to hire anyone other than the top 15% and two these are leaders that have previously built teams considered to be role models in the bay by setting an incredibly high bar in the quality and pedigree of minds they hire.

My firm they use to do their “cherry picking”. Our sole focus is startup engineering, and I focus on Manager and Director level searches. Our typical placement has their heads down and are making important contributions with no interest in checking who’s smelled around their LI profile.

We are respected for our quiet trust in search and for the credibility we have in genuinely understanding the difference between SME’s and mediocre engineers. No “baiting” candidates with sales pitches. We listen then match. It’s been the primary reason, for our successes with Sequoia Capital’s portfolio.

If there’s a variance between where you’re today and ultimately where you see yourself ending up, let’s chat. Your call. I am not a chaser, if you know what I mean. Please take a comfortable exit if this is not the right time, but if you’d like to get to know one another, I am available, unrushed to chat.

I ask you respond to this so I know you have received it. Next step would be a call at your convenience.

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