The demon recruiter, pt2

RE: Checking back in! (ASAG)

You again. Come to torment me a second time?

I just wanted to make sure that you received my below email.

Signed, sealed, delivered, and ignored.

If my timing is right, let's schedule a quick call so that I can share details about the position.

Unlike the details you've shared below? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING FROM ME?

Either way, kindly respond either way by "Accepting" or "Declining" my message so that I don't message you again wondering if you received it.

You're persistent, I'll give you that.

Let me know.

Will publishing this on InMail Fail be enough of a message?

My client is revolutionizing how companies address customer feedback from social networks, leveraging big-data technologies to become the invisible fabric that enables enterprises to listen to and leverage the voice of their consumer-centric culture.

So, customer support?

They are conveniently located in San Francisco and have received $18M in funding, with only 47 employees.

So too late to get a decent slice of the equity pie, and too early to show any signs of real success. Perfect!

After checking-out your profile it looks like you have the ideal background for their Sr Software Engineer (Backend) need.

That's not how hyphens-work.

Why this is an AWESOME opportunity:

• Culture of growth – personal and professional

Something tells me I don't want my job managing my personal growth.

•$500 “fun budget” and Apple products

Even the budget is "fun sized"