The demon recruiter, pt1

RE: Thanks for chatting! (ASAG)

...This is the first time I've heard from you. Also, are you referring to the Sumerian demon?

Oh, we haven’t spoken yet? Well if that’s the case, I must be psychic!

Psychic demon recruiters. This is my penance for starting InMail Fail, isn't it.

Either way, kindly respond either way by "Accepting" or "Declining" my message so that I don't message you again wondering if you received it.

This sounds ominously like foreshadowing.

My client is revolutionizing how companies address customer feedback from social networks, leveraging big-data technologies to become the invisible fabric that enables enterprises to listen to and leverage the voice of their consumer-centric culture.


Why this is an AWESOME opportunity: Culture of growth – personal and professional Competitive Salary + Equity + Health Benefits + 401k + Unlimited Vacation

Sounds great! I'll start tomorrow and be on vacation until 2020.

Option to work remotely—when necessary

So that's what "vacation" means.

I would welcome a conversation to discuss your experience and career objectives to see if this could be a match for you.

Career objective: Maintain control of my own soul.